Gluten is the only protein found in

food that is completely indigestible.

Gluten intolerance ranges from gluten

sensitivity to Celiac disease.  At the 419

Market Cafe we strive to provide not

just "Gluten Free"options but the

tastiest and most extensive Gluten Free

options out there.

       We offer a quite an array

of Gluten Free items.  All of our

"4" soups offered daily are always

Gluten Free.  We also offer Gluten

Free bread as a substitute for any

        sandwich on the menu.

     We make Gluten Free baked

goods from Biscotti to Cupcakes. 

Our salads are Gluten Free too.

Want us tocreate an item for you,

just for you, No problem.  Need

Gluten Free party trays, we do 

that too.  We just try to comply

with everyones dietary and

health needs.